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The Spirit Hollows


ISBN 978-1-7354440-0-0 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-7354440-1-7 (ebook)


Quinn dreams of leaving his dreary job at his mother’s funeral home for a life of adventure. His half-sister Zora plans to prove what a brilliant scientist she is—and settle a secret grudge. Together, they set out to fight the spirits that have roamed the Hollows ever since the Great Wakening.


As Zora and Quinn hunt by night in the graveyards and forests of what was once Old Appalachia, they clash with one another and compete against a mysterious rival. But when a shadowy cult and an ancient, otherworldly enemy start trying to murder them, the young spirit-hunters must scramble to uncover the hidden past of the Hollows and dig up long-buried family skeletons.

If Zora and Quinn fail, they’ll find worse things waiting for them in the dark.

The-Spirit-Wastes-Web-Medium (2).jpg
The Spirit Wastes


ISBN 978-1-7354440-2-4 (paperback)


Last summer, Zora fought a sinister cult and an unearthly adversary. This winter, she’s stuck in her lab with a herd of goats. Her half-brother Quinn is off chasing spirits without her.

That is, until there’s a call for help from the heart of the Wastes.

When Zora and Quinn reunite with their friends for a rescue expedition, they’ll need her inventions and his sharpshooting to reach their destination. A hidden foe is tracking them, and countless spirits wait in their path. Worse still, an ancient evil has found a way back to their world.

Now that Zora and Quinn are leaving the Hollows, they may never see home again.

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